Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Tiny Quilts

 So what is it about tiny things that make them so appealing?  These two quilts are 4" x 6" (postcard size) and I made them after the one for the SAQA swap.  I have to send the SAQA swap quilt (see previous post) to its new owner tomorrow and I will miss it!

But anyway - I am having so much fun making these tiny little quilts.  Partly because they are so quick and easy.  But mostly because they are so darned CUTE!

And I get to use up scraps (always a good thing).

My next project is a sample for a class that I am teaching at Sew Unique in Mtn. Home.  It is the same technique as these little guys - but larger.  I am hoping that it will attract some of the quilters who would like to try art quilting but are nervous about creating something without a pattern.

I am more nervous about trying to FOLLOW a pattern than creating without one.  I guess that is part of the freedom of never having been a traditional quilter.  Or just part of my personality.  Who knows???   barbara

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