Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Product Envy

It is wonderful to have a friend that can jump start my creativity.  For the last week, I haven't been inspired to do anything creative until my blog partner sent me a blog to die for.  Went on Teesha's Circus and had immediate product envy when I saw all of her drawing supplies nestled in a really neat toter.  My first thought was how much did all that cost????  I opened the drawers that I keep mine in and realized that I had no reason to be envious.  I realized that I could give her a run for her money except that all my stuff was everywhere and half of my time was spent hunting.  I loved the tote that she carried all of it in but living in such a small town, I had no place to look for one or more.  When all else fails, create your own.  The theme song of living the rural life.


  1. It's INSPIRING to see all of your pens and stuff in ONE place! LOVE the tote! Is that enough CAPS and !!!! for one comment???? Ha!

  2. I got your comment. I am trying to send you one. Crossing my fingers.