Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am still in a strange place creatively so I decided to make a quilt that is from one of my little drawings, but that will probably be donated to one of the local groups that takes care of abandoned dogs.
I am including the first photo of the quilt when it was just fused together and then another photo once the quilting was completed.  My husband Bob is an excellent person to give me constructive comments on my quilts.  When I showed him this little quilt before the quilting - he REALLY disliked it.  Didn't like the color of the dog, didn't like the tail having three ends, didn't like anything about it.  I take his comments quite seriously but figured that I probably knew what I was doing, and continued.  Worst case, I figured I could just throw it away if it turned out really bad.

And then I started quilting.  I decided to do the quilting around the figure with a heavy zigzag stitch so that the finished quilt would look sort of like I had drawn a picture with a marker and then colored it in.  And I think it looks pretty good.  And I think the three prongs on the tail make it look like either the tail is wagging or is sort of fuzzy.  What do you think?   Barbara

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