Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everyone Counts

This particular quilt has had several names.  The original name was Counting Butterflies (there are butterflies in the border fabric).  But the border isn't really wide enough to see the butterflies clearly.  I shared the quilt at the Hill 'n Hollow meeting and a fellow quilter suggested using a math related name.  So I tried a bunch of those (like Counting is Confusing) but didn't really like them.  But I DO like Everyone Counts - it seems like a kind and gentle message.  So - that is the name - at least for now.
Some things about this quilt:  The numbers are those little stretchy "gummy" bracelets they sell for kids.  They stretch to go around your wrist, but then return to the original shape (in this case numbers)when you take them off.  They were not easy to attach but I think they will stay in place.  And I successfully used both metallic thread (around the glasses) and variegated thread (the quilting lines on the golden fabric) with NOT ONE SINGLE thread breaking!  I used that stand thingie that you put behind your sewing machine to hold the thread.

I think I will start another quilt today - so watch for more photos soon!    Barbara

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