Friday, March 22, 2013

Lady in Waiting - for a Name

So this is my latest project.  Once again experimenting with the technique that I learned in Esterita Austin's class.  I seem to keep selecting fabric that has dramatic lines in it - which influences the finished piece and makes it seem more dramatic - and even sort of spooky.  Not completely positive that I like that.  May try to select a more gentle fabric next time.  But anyway - here are some photos of the progress I am making on this particular quilt....

 This is the drawing/pattern.  With all the markings for shading.  The little one is the tracing of the basic lines from the photo.

Here is the basic fabric in place before fusing to the background.  At this point I wasn't certain about the hair - but I don't want her to look like she is from outer space - hmmm.  Need to think carefully about that.  But you can see the face starting to take shape.
Notice how severe the difference between light and dark are - this will be softened greatly by the painting.

And now the face fabric is fused to the black background.  And I cut the hair from a single piece of fabric.  And added a dress of sorts. 
I really really like the fabric that I found for the hair - it has enough interest but not so much that it distracts your eye from the face. 
The dress seems to blend with the neck too much but I think that the sewing lines will resolve that issue.

Painting is mostly done - although I think the eyes may need a bit more outlining to make them stand out.  I worked hard on the details of the eyes - I'll take a close up and post it soon.
Notice how the dark and light fabrics are not as sharply different now - lots of painting to accomplish that.
I think I need to add to the dress - for her left shoulder.  I wonder if I have another piece of that fabric? 
Next decision is whether or not to have a border.  I usually do not have a border on these faces - but perhaps she needs one. 


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