Monday, November 5, 2012

Traveling to teach a class

Clarksville Class Photo - Gorgeous!
I haven't taught any classes in a couple of years - even though I have tried.  I really have!  But I think that just maybe the quilters in this area weren't quite ready for Art Quilting - or maybe it just wasn't "my time to teach" yet.  Who knows?  But - and this is the good part - I think that the time has arrived.  Because I have had bunches of folks sign up and take several classes - and more are on the way after January 1.

Me teaching.
The first class - and Trunk Show - was for a dear sweet friend of mine, Dorothy.  She is a wonderful quilter and she likes my quilts - and asked me to come to her town - Clarksville AR - to show folks there what I do.  I did a Trunk Show on Friday evening and then taught a class the next morning.

The class that I taught was using fusible scraps to make a face on a 12 inch square.  I provided all of the materials and some samples to get folks started.  One thing that I am aware of as a teacher (because I did the VERY same thing when I was starting) is that folks who aren't already wild and crazy art quilters will make very tiny little faces on the 12 inch square if left to their own devices.  So I provide "face shapes" in approximately the right size so that they can be assured of success in their design.

And then the FUN starts.  I have scads of already fused scraps and I dump piles of them on each working table and the ladies (and gentlemen) begin to design their faces.  All pieces are removable and replaceable until they are fused so it is a Guaranteed Success class.

And I was not disappointed.  The members of the class were incredibly CREATIVE and WHIMSICAL and made beautiful faces - which you can see in this posting.  Aren't they great?  I hope that I get to see some of the finished pieces once they are quilted and embellished.

And I found out that I really really like teaching - so I am going to do it again SOON!  barbara

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