Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Need a New Face

Every quilt seems to have a story of some sort in the background.  I hadn't made a portrait quilt in many months and donated my last one (Blue Man) to an auction for a wonderful cause in Memphis (Advance Memphis).  I was totally thrilled when it sold because I love for my quilts to find new homes and new people to live with.

But I was also taken slightly off guard because Blue Man was a quilt that I had entered in our Hill 'n Hollow Quilt Show (which starts October 20).  Oooops!  I needed to make another quilt the same size as Blue Man so that it wouldn't goof up the design of the show.

So I did.  And this is what he looked like when the pieces had been selected and pinned to the paper pattern.  Sort of a stern looking face don't you think?  I was pleased with the initial appearance of this quilt - but if I hadn't made one before, I wouldn't have realized how significant the difference would be once he was painted and quilted.    barbara

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